Are School Drills Really Effective?

Schools have been around for a long time, and we can all agree that we have all participated in a drill of some sort. Our schools have provided different exercises for us to practice if an emergency occurs. We have a lockdown drill and a fire drill, and because earthquakes are more common in California, we have earthquake drills. When we practice a lockdown drill, it is usually because someone dangerous is on campus, so during the drill, the lights get turned off, and we are told to stay away from the windows and crouch in the corner of the classroom. During a fire drill, every class evacuates the classroom and vacates the school through the nearest exit closest to their classroom. There is an alarm that blares through the school and flashing lights in the classroom to visually signal us if the alarm ever goes out. During an earthquake drill, we are supposed to duck under our desks or tables and stay away from windows. However, there isn’t much we have to do in these drills in order to make them effective. If there is an emergency fire, the safest thing to do would be to evacuate the school as fast as possible. If there were ever to be an earthquake, it has been proven that tables, desks, or doorways would be the safest places to be. Lastly, the most fearful emergency to occur is if someone dangerous was on campus, and staying away from the windows in the corner of a locked classroom would be the safest place to be. Our schools have done a great job ensuring that we are safe and know what to do if these situations ever occur.