Teacher Spotlight

Cynthia Alcaraz, Staff Reporter

Mr. Johnson is one of the many incredible teachers here on campus. He is a sophomore history teacher and somewhat unknown. This interview was held to get some more insight into him. He began by saying that his job was the best job you could have. Every day he gets to interact and work with students as they grow and develop skills they will use for the rest of their lives. He said that he genuinely got into teaching so that he could positively impact students, which is why he does what he does. This is his third year at PHS and his 14th year teaching as a whole, as he has taught at the Burton District for 11 years. He fell in love with teaching when he took a year off of college to figure out what he wanted to pursue and was working as a substitute teacher. When asked what inspired him, he said, “What inspires me to teach is my relationships with students and those “aha” moments. Another thing that inspires me to teach is knowing that one day I might have the opportunity to be my daughter’s teacher.”