Clean Sweep!


Maritza Lopez Ramos, Staff Reporter

Getting to class on time is important. You might be caught in a clean sweep if you are late to class. What is a clean sweep? A clean sweep, also known as a “hall sweep,” is when the school bell rings, which indicates to the students that the class will begin. Teachers then lock their classroom doors and leave out all tardy students. This is when all late students are “swept” and taken to detention. A parent conference can be held if you get caught more than once. This happens to prevent tardies. When students are on time, teachers can start teaching sooner, giving them more time to prepare their lessons instead of waiting for late students to arrive. When the bell rings after brunch, lunch, or even after a period, make sure to be on time for your next class because if the intercom announces a clean sweep and you’re not on time, you will likely get caught up and be referred to detention for the whole class period.