Siblings on Campus


Many students here on campus have siblings who are also enrolled here. Some of them enjoy having their siblings on campus with them because it brings benefits, such as having a familiar face around and receiving extra help when needed. On the other hand, some students dislike the idea of seeing their brother or sister around all the time while they’re with their friends. There are mixed feelings about this among students with siblings around campus.

“I like going to school with him because I know I got him if I need someone, but I don’t like that he can be annoying.”- Hector Avila, sophomore
“I don’t like that everyone brings up the question if he is my brother, and it gets annoying, but I do like hanging out with him.”- Julian Avila, senior


“I don’t like that my brother kinda sticks to me all the time, so we do see each other a lot during the breaks and lunch.”- Victor Madrigal, junior
“I love going to school with my brother because all we do is mess around, but sometimes we do argue. We hang out a lot and see each other.”- Juan Madrigal, senior


“I like that we are able to help each other with schoolwork. Sometimes we hang out, and I almost always talk to her when I see her around.” – Elena Carranza, junior
“My sister helps me with my work because she did it last year so I like that. I would say we mostly keep to ourselves, but sometimes we do hang out and we talk quite a bit.”- Alicia Carranza, sophomore
“I like being able to play basketball with him, he makes playing better. We actually do hang out on a daily basis.”- Camden Haynes, junior
“It’s been good coming to school with my brother and playing basketball with him. We are usually together during school, he’s one of my friends.”- Landon Haynes, freshman



“It doesn’t really bother me that my sister goes here, but the only thing I like is that she helps me with schoolwork sometimes. I don’t see her very often because we don’t ever hang out, and when we pass each other in the halls, we look at each other.”- Angel Rojas, junior
“I honestly don’t like to see him around campus. I feel like he’s watching me. We don’t hang around each other, we hang out with different people.”- Lezea Rojas, freshman