My Favorite Holiday memory


Alexandra Juarez, Staff Reporters

Christmas is the time of year to spend time around those you love and those who love you.  Growing up, Christmas was always one of mine and my family’s favorite holidays. There are many things I can remember as a child related to the holidays. My mom always made it super memorable for me and my little brother along with our cousins. We celebrated with tons of family and friends eating and opening presents, but most importantly all being together which is super rare for our family with my dad, uncles, and some cousins living over 1,000 miles away. One Christmas morning I woke up really scared because I had heard a loud bang. I ran to my moms room to wake her so she could go check to see what it was. She insisted I go with her so I would not be afraid (of course she knew what was about to happen). As we turned the corner of my kitchen I saw a big Santa Claus in our living room. I got so happy yelling “Mom it’s Santa” all my childhood dreams had come true. With so much joy in my heart I walked up closer and my dad was dressed up as Santa Clause and was wanting to surprise me and my little brother. I remember this moment vividly and that is because it is my favorite holiday memory.