My Unpopular Opinions About Christmas


There are many popular opinions about Christmas. Most of them I agree with. However, there are some things that I disagree with.

An opinion I have is that Santa is actually creepy. I love the spirit and magic Santa brings to Christmas, but children are told he watches us while we sleep and what we do throughout the year. He breaks into our houses and owns hundreds, maybe even thousands, of little elves who slave all year to make toys for him to deliver. I understand that children may not see him in this light, but looking at him this way, I can’t help but think the concept of him is a little weird. 

Another thing doesn’t agree with is that Christmas is all about gifts, gift-giving, and receiving. I consider presence to be more important than presents. Christmas is more enjoyable when it is spent with the people you love, even if it’s just one or two people. I realized this once I started getting older because, obviously, when I was little, all I wanted was some toys under my Christmas tree.  Now I look forward to seeing my family and spending time with them and simply chatting and laughing and having a great time.