A Christmas To Remember


Looking back on the years I have a lot of favorite Christmas memories I think the ones I enjoyed the most were the ones spent with my family. I think the memory I will always remember the most is when we went to Disneyland. When I was 8 and my sister was 12 my mom proposed the idea of potentially going to Disneyland to us, and we were all for it. To make the idea reality my mom gave us a catch. If we wanted to go to Disneyland then we wouldn’t get any individual Christmas presents, and going on the trip would be considered our present for that year. So my sister and I did not hesitate to choose Disneyland as it would be our first time going ever. 

I remember so vividly the nervousness I felt in my stomach as we walked through the parking lot making our way to the front of the park. In the distance, I could see the castle getting closer and the nervousness began to fade. I was so excited to be there with my family and enjoy all of the attractions we knew from the movies. From being completely soaked from Splash Mountain to thinking we were gonna get crushed by the giant boulder in Indiana Jone’s, everything about the rides excited us more to keep finding new things to enjoy in the park. We stopped at  Minnie’s Cafe to eat and relax, we used this time to recharge ourselves to finish our day strong. It was there we looked up hidden secrets about the park, and this allowed us to find out hidden treasures and fun facts about the park. 

We returned to the park to ride a couple more rides and wait for the firework show. I remember being so exhausted after a long day of walking around the park, laughing, and creating new memories. Everything about this experience allowed me to cherish the memories while they are still here. It taught me to embrace the present and enjoy it while I have it. I look back on it now and quickly realize how much I enjoyed spending time with my family, and how my trip to Disneyland was my favorite Christmas memory.