Christmas Traditions

Students share their family’s holiday traditions

Natalie Gonzalez, sophomore          “My family tradition is to spend every year at my aunts with my cousins and we open gifts and play games with our whole family.”
Ruby Magdaleno, sophomore              “My family tradition is to make homemade posole and tamales every year with my grandma. We also make cookies and celebrate at my Grandma’s house.”
Vaneli Paris, sophomore                “My family tradition is to play board games and on the ps5 and everybody having fun, we make tamales and eat Christmas snacks.”
Saver Esquivel, freshman                      “My family tradition is for all the family to get together with cousins, aunties, uncles, grandmas, and grandpas to make a lot of Native American traditional food and open presents.”
Grace Clower, junior
“My family goes to my Grandma’s house on the rez on Christmas eve and then on Christmas day we go to my other Grandma’s house”
Emily Huckaby, senior                  “Some traditions I celebrate are going to my grandma’s house, baking Christmas sweets, and opening Christmas gifts with our family. We always do a gift exchange”
Mariesa Magana, junior              “My family tradition is to get together and watch Christmas movies the day before Christmas and also make homemade tamales.”
Tenaya Murrietta senior
“My family tradition is that my family comes together and we pray before we open gifts or eat, we also sing our native Americans songs every year.”