Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere

If you haven’t noticed by now, you might not be very aware of your surroundings, because there are large, colorful pumpkins all over campus! But what’s the deal with these pumpkins?  Ms. Rojas’ art classes created these works of art using paper mache and styled them after the artist Yayoi Kusama’s pumpkin sculptures. The classes have been studying Kusama and wanted to share the art that they created with their fellow students. The pumpkins are all around campus each with a label that tells who the artist is and a QR code that explains a little more about the inspiration of Yayoi Kusama.


The pumpkins can be found at the following locations, and are worth a walk around campus to see in person.

1. Science “N” Building Stairs
2. H-207
3. 2nd Floor of H Building
4. In Front of U-5
5. Next to LMC Stairs
6. In Front of U-10 Mrs. Sietz
7. Side of LMC facing V building
8. Library next to restrooms
9. Administration Office gate
10. Student Activities Window