Student musicians


“Side Projects is a very popular high school band from PHS that many people from different high schools and around the area enjoy. Side Projects have been playing gigs since their freshman year (2019-2020). The band first started in 2019 when Evan Johnson who played drums and Isaax Ceballos who played the guitar had the idea of starting a band, but the band didn’t officially start until Evan got his friend Ezekiel Jimenez to join in on guitar. They have also been playing multiple gigs for over a year now and are preparing for their big show in December. Side Projects enjoys playing loads of fun covers, but also has a lot of original music too. The band is made up of PHS seniors Evan Johnson, Julian Andrade, Ezekiel Jimenez, and Andrew Meneses.”-Evan Johnson

Evan on drums, Julian and Zeke on guitar, and Drew on bass guitar.

You can follow the band on Instagram @sideprojects_ca to stay up to date on when and where they are performing.

Side Projects performing at Poor Richard’s in Porterville.                            
Side Projects left to right: Evan Johnson, Ezekiel Jimenez, Andrew Meneses, Julian Andrade