What are your favorite horror movies?


Rogelio Campos, Staff Reporter

October is the perfect time to watch scary, spooky, and spine-chilling movies. With so many streaming platforms to access and thousands of scary movies to choose from, we thought it would be interesting to see what movies people are gearing up to watch as October 31st quickly approaches. 

“Some people might not consider this a scary movie but I love The Joker. When he gets mad it’s scary I get scared and it gives me the chills.” -Adrian Chavez, junior
“My favorite horror movie is Scary Movie 2. It’s not that scary but there are some parts where it just makes you jump out of your seat and I also find The Parrot in the Mansion funny.” -Sergio Sanchez
“I love Chucky because he looks so creepy but in a way, he is cute in his overalls. I also really find it scary when he is talking and running around and you can’t see him because he is so little. It’s my favorite horror movie.” -Loreto Lizárraga, freshman


“I love Chucky because he looks like a small little cute kid and I think his laugh is really funny but at the same time gives me nightmares.” -Emmanuel Guerrero Toys, senior


“I find Michael Myers and the Halloween movie series very fascinating and I love when he chases his victims because I want him to chase me too. I am very excited to go watch the new Halloween Ends movie. I’ve heard rumors he dies but hopefully, they are not true because he is my favorite.” -Victor Madrigal, junior
“My favorite horror movie is Smile. I went to go see it with a couple of friends. Although I am not really into scary movies I really enjoyed the suspense of this movie.” -Cynthia Alcaraz, junior