Autumnal Equinox and Weather Update


Joslen Jimenez, Staff Reporter

It’s nearly mid-October, and the weather just isn’t giving off fall vibes yet. This week, temperatures have been in the 90’s- low 90’s, but still pretty hot. Why does it feel like July and not October? Seasonal change happens when one of the world’s hemispheres faces closer to the sun than the other. Living in the U.S., the earth’s axis is tilted towards the sun in the northern hemisphere during June, July, and August. This is why during those months we experience hotter and longer days, which generally means that it is summer. Countries like Australia, Argentina, and South Africa experience summer in the winter (December, January, and February) because they are on the other side of the hemisphere (southern). The seasons in the northern hemisphere are opposite of those in the southern hemisphere. It is that time of year when the sun crosses the celestial equator going south, which is why day and night are of equal length. This is referred to as the autumnal equinox, which marks the beginning of autumn (September 22), and will last until the winter solstice (December 21). Even though it may feel like summer, there is no need to worry. The forecast shows as of next week, the weather will be dropping to an average temperature of 85 degrees. Remember to dress accordingly, as it will soon be fresh outside.