Dressing Up For Halloween

Dressing Up? “I dress up for Halloween, and this year I decided that this year I’m going to DIY my costume.”                   Halloween Plans? “I’m probably going to just hang out with friends and family because it’s fun and I know once I start growing it’s not going to be the same anymore.”                 –Nancy Molina, sophomore
Dressing Up? “I dress up for Halloween, and this year I am going to buy my costume because I feel like making it will take too much time.”
Halloween Plans? “I am going to go trick or treating because I realize that I’m getting older and I won’t want to  do it again maybe in a couple of years.” -Josue Saucedo, freshman
Dressing Up? “I dress up, last year I was Pennywise.  This year I decided that  I am going DIY my costume.”
Halloween Plans? “I am going to be Jennifer from Jennifer’s Body, and I’m going to haunted houses, it’s something fun to do.  I’m also going to hang out with friends.” -Valerie Fernandez, sophomore
Dressing Up? “I dress up, most every year. I am going to DIY my costume this year. I am going to be Tiffany from the movie Chucky, but I’m going to make her scarier.”   Halloween Plans? “I’m going trick or treating, and watch scary movies with my girlfriend. It’s going to be a fun experience with my family and friends.” -Savannah Mendoza, sophomore
Dressing Up? “I don’t usually dress up, but I thought it would be a good/fun idea this year. I’m going to buy my costume. My friends and are all going to be skeletons, we think it is going to be fun.”                     Halloween Plans? “I’m also going trick or treating to get as much candy as I can.” –Rodrigo Zepeda, freshmen