Then & Now- Fashion in the 1970s

An Orange & Green Weekly Feature


Cynthia Alcaraz, Staff Reporter

Before The Orange & Green News became an exclusively online publication, local businesses would advertise in the paper. These ads give us an insight into what was popular or stylish during the time the paper was published. This week, we are looking at some fashion trends from two ads published in The Orange & Green Friday, January 19, 1973, promoting the latest fashions available on the market. Tobias Trousers were popular not only with women but also among men, and what teenage guy wouldn’t love a lace-up platform shoe? These ads were run by two popular businesses in town Reisig’s Shoes and Figueroa’s. Both businesses were located on Main Street and known for being the place to shop.

Today, students on campus can be seen wearing all different kinds of shoes such as sneakers, some of which have a platform, and sandals. Students also wear a variety of pants such as baggy jeans and skinny jeans and even bootcut or flare jeans similar to the ones in the advertisement for Tobias Trousers.

From the PHS Archives: Ads from January 1973 as seen in The Orange & Green.
Above: PHS students show some of the fashion diversity on campus.
Above: More Students display today’s fashion staples.