We’re BACK!!!

Students share their thoughts about the first days of school.


The O&G Staff, Staff Reporters

  • “It was pretty good I got to meet a lot of my new teachers and classmates and see all my new classes. I like all my new teachers and their classes but my favorite class is Dr.Elling’s class.”- Melissa Abarca, senior
  • “My first day of school was ok. I do really like my teachers this year.” -Dailenis Abarca, senior
  • “My first day was very good. I’m most excited for school events and football games this year.” -Selena Garcia, sophomore
  • “My first day was nice, I liked the teachers, and I’d like to pass all my finals. I’m most excited about the rallies this year.” -Yurixa Medina, sophomore
  • “My first day was great! I didn’t have to change my schedule…it was perfect. One thing I want to accomplish this year would be to do everything I can because it’s my last year!” -Sandra Alvarez, senior
  • “Being back at school feels a little different because now we’re back to being normal and for the past 2 to 3 years it’s been weird because of all the covid cases going around. So far my classes haven’t been bad.  I’m trying to get used to it and I’m trying to get to know people.” Esteban Valencia, junior
  • “I feel ready, you know ready to get it over with. I’m just trying to get through the school year. My classes have been pretty aguto, solid, and easy. My teachers have been pretty chill and aguto today but we’ll see if they change over the year.” -Victor Madrigal, junior
  • “I was nervous at first because of my chaotic schedule but as the day went on, I realized that I was stressing out for no reason. So, pretty great. I personally didn’t get classes on that side (construction)  of school so for me, I’m not really worried about it. But I feel bad for students who have to work around the construction.” -Gloria Chavez, senior
  • “It’s fun, I’m having fun. And I’m glad to see all these people again. I feel overwhelmed because everybody is scrunched up and there are no tables to sit.” Elvira Lechuga, senior
  • “It’s pretty exciting and sad because it’s my last year. I feel like the construction gets in the way of getting to class.” Julieth Reyes, senior
  • “My first day back was bad because I don’t like some of my classes and everyone is annoying. The construction is annoying it’s taking up all the space causing everyone to be smashed in the halls.” –Kymberly Rojas, senior
  • “It’s been a long day and starting later makes a big difference in that, seeing all of my friends is what’s getting me through the day.” -Braden Della, sophomore
  • “It’s felt really long classrooms need better AC and water fountains back in classrooms.” -Andrew Guerrero, senior
  • “I’m excited for the year but I’m also sad it’s my last year here at Porterville High School.” -Mylah Niksa, senior
  •  “My first day of school was boring, I don’t understand Spanish so it’s hard, I got lost, but it’s also fun I guess .” -Rodrigo Zepeda, freshman
  •   “My first day was stressing, I don’t have any of my friends in my classes, and I hate the construction that’s going on, the school feels more crowded.” -Evelyn Rangel, sophomore
  • “I had a good first day at school, I thought it was going to be worst than I expected, my favorite class is my first period which is  Health Class with Patterson, and I spent the whole summer with my best friend, I also don’t like the construction just because it gets all crowded.”- Khloe Gutierrez,
  • “My first day of school was really fun, I like it overall all my classes are really fun, my summer was good, and about the construction, I don’t really like it because it gets crowded and nowhere to walk past by.”- Lilliana Guerrero, senior