Prom Reviews

“Prom was nice. Everyone was dressed wonderfully, and the place was decorated nicely with all the lights, and it fit well with the theme. The dancing was fun, but I wish they’d played more Hispanic music to make it more diverse. Overall the experience was great, and it was nice seeing people that I hadn’t seen in years.”

 – Marlene Andrade, senior

“Prom was actually pretty fun. You can tell people were enjoying it too since there were a lot of people dancing. Overall, it was a fun experience.”

 – Alondra Perez, junior

“Prom 2022 was a great experience for me-way better than I expected. My friends and I had so much fun with our dinner before, dancing, and spending time together. The night was a 10/10 for me.”

Gloria Chavez, junior

“My experience with prom was terrific. I spent some quality time with my friends and made the most of it. I had a great time dancing and made many memories that I wouldn’t change for the world. Prom helped me take my mind off of school-related work and relax.”  

Mya Rivera, junior

“Overall, I think prom was great. I had a good experience, and the whole thing was just lovely.”

– Kalista Ayala, junior