How are you coping with CAASPP testing?


“…by taking mental breaks when I get home from school.”

Izabella Martin, Junior

“…by not pushing through it. and taking my time to fully complete each question.”

Anthony Aguilar, Junior 

“…by making sure that I’m doing things right and taking my sweet time.”

-Oscar Contreras, Junior

“…I am not coping very well with the CAASPP. I am very stressed out and have had multiple mental breakdowns. I am currently hanging on by a thread, hopefully, I survive.”


“…I am not coping well with CAASPP testing. It has become stressful and tiring.”

-Kymberly Rojas, Junior

“…by reading the questions thoroughly and answering each part of the question as well by taking my time.”

Milagros Martinez, Junior

“I am not coping with the CAASPP testing at all. I’ve had many mental breakdowns and anxiety attacks for overthinking the questions. Overall CAASPP testing is the worst thing EVER.”