How much is Prom costing you?


“Dress is $180 and the alternation costs $30. I also want to get my nails done so an additional $45.” -Karen Hidalgo, senior

“$260 for my dress, $30 for my shoes, $25 for my ticket, $20 for hair things and then $20 for when I go eat. So $355 in total.” –Daniela Castaneda Ruiz, senior

“My budget, for EVERYTHING, I’ll say $280.” –Evany Garcia, senior

“My dress was $36, and I still need to buy shoes but I want to stay under $100.” -Jasmine Garay, senior

“I spent about $40, or less than $50. My dress was $12 and then my prom hand flower was $9, and then my boyfriend bought my ticket.” –Rebecca Marure, senior

“Like a hundred bucks on my dress and make up, but I got gift cards.” –Julie Mitchell, senior

“On my dress, I spent $33. On my heels, I spent another $30. I bought makeup online which was another $10. I’m also planning on getting my nails done which is about $60. And I’m having family do my hair and makeup.” -Elida Jaimes, senior

“So far $125, it was on my dress, shoes and nails.” –Ella Clausen, sophomore

“I’m spending zero dollars because I wasn’t invited.” –Anonymous student

“The dress was $130. I may spend $50 on nails and $20 on jewelry. I already had the shoes.” –Kymberly Rojas, junior

“Nothing at all, yet! The dress was lent to me, and the shoes I’m going to wear I already own. However, I may buy nail polish which is a couple of bucks. I’m also going to get a cardigan which is about $20, and the ticket costs $25. So, a total of around $50.” –Hayley Day, senior

“Around 45 bucks.