Easter Traditions Around the World


America Lemus Zavala, Reporter

  1. Flying kites on Easter is a tradition on the British island of Bermuda.
  2. The people of Antigua in southern Guatemala cover their streets in colorful carpets to celebrate Easter.
  3. In Australia, people will eat chocolate bunnies as a tradition.
  4. In Florence, Italy, people gather to watch fireworks displays.
  5. Young girls in Finland traditionally dress up as Easter witches wearing colorful clothing with painted freckles on their cheeks.
  6. New Zealand holds an annual Great Easter Bunny Hunt where hunters gather to hunt real-life bunnies.
  7. The French town of Haux will serve a giant omelet every year on Easter Monday.
  8. On the Greek island of Corfu, people throw pots, pans, and other containers filled with water out of their windows as an Easter tradition.
  9. In Papua New Guinea, trees or branches outside churches are decorated with packs of tobacco and cigarettes.
  10. Each year on Good Friday, people in San Pedro Cutud in the northern Philippines are nailed to crosses to honor Jesus’ crucifixion.