Child Abuse Awareness Month


Every year, Child Abuse Awareness Month is observed in April to recognize the efforts made by our communities and families to bring up this issue in front of the world. About one out of seven children in the U.S has experienced physical and sexual abuse. The first National Child Abuse Awareness Month was declared by President Jimmy Carter in 1979. After four years, April was formally established as the Child Abuse Prevention Month by President Ronald Reagan.  The U.S Department of Health and Human Services requests the communities to actively take part in preventing child abuse and be supportive of the well-being of families. The federal government of the United States gives funds in support of child abuse causes. According to a report, 646,000 children became the victims of child abuse and another 1580 children died due to child abuse. It was also found that most of the cases could have been prevented through community support and programs. Child abuse was first recognized in the twentieth century. The cases of child abuse are found more in developed countries rather than in developing countries.  However, children have been beaten and physically abused for thousands of years, due to the belief that a child is a property of a parent.