Beauty Standards


Beatriz Herrera, Reporter

Throughout the years, there has been an evolution of Beauty Standards. Primarily applicable to females, men also have Beauty Standards. This article will discuss the difference between the standards and the effect these standards have on today’s teens. Women’s beauty standards have always been around, and as the years go by, they get worse and worse. Women are raised to believe they have to have an hourglass body and have clear skin. Many young girls are body shamed for not looking like Kendall Jenner or any celebrity. Many influencers have shut down these beauty standards and encouraged many younger girls and teens to feel good about themselves even if they don’t look like Kim or Kylie. As for women, many people have high expectations for men. Many men were raised not to show any emotions because they were seen as a “little girl” or a “crybaby.” Because of this, for some men, it is tough to show their emotions. Men are shown to be “strong,” “bold,” “manly.” These expectations and beauty standards will begin to rise as the years go by but remind yourself every day that it is not your friends’ life or your parents’ life, it is your life, and you choose what to do with it. Everyone is beautiful whether or not they are masculine or feminine. Always live up to your expectations and not others. 

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