National AG Day


America Lemus Zavala, Reporter

National Agricultural Day is celebrated on March 22, 2022, to honor the people who work hard in the agricultural industry and get overlooked. On this day, producers, agricultural organizations, corporations, etc., take time out of their day to recognize agriculture’s greatness and hard work. Most people aren’t aware that agriculture is vital, and without it, we would have nothing. Everything we eat, use, or wear daily is provided by agriculture. More than 22 million people work in the agricultural field. The Agriculture Council of America founded national Ag Day in 1973, but the first National Ag Day was celebrated in 1979. From that day on, the Agriculture Council of America works and arranges to bring awareness and appreciation to the importance of agriculture. To celebrate and support, you can do multiple things such as buy locally produced products to support local farmers and participate in any events near you that support this cause.