Pepsi Cookies Recipe

Try this recipe out! As crazy as it sounds, it’s crazy good!


Rosali Flores, Editor

Makes about 10 dozen

1 & 1/2- Gold Medal all-purpose flour, 5 lbs

About 1 cup – premium granulated sugar

3 lbs of Crisco vegetable shortening

2 liter Pepsi


  1. First add a bag of flour
  2. Add your cup of sugar
  3. Add your Crisco
  4. Mix slowly with your hands, like kneading
  5. Add about 8-12 oz of Pepsi, almost to the top of the sticker directly in the middle of the mixture, proceed to mix
  6. Add more flour or Pepsi at this step if needed, then proceed to mix again.
  7. When the dough sticks and no longer crumbles or is too liquidy, form a big ball of dough.
  8. Leave overnight
  9. Preheat oven to 400-425, bake for 15-20 minutes or until they lightly brown
  10. Add sugar after taken out of the oven, not too early, it’ll crumble, not too late, the sugar won’t stick, about 10 minutes cooling

Note: These cookies are very easy to burn, so if you do, simply scrape the burnt part off with a butter knife and they’ll be just as good.