For Spring Break…


Beatriz Herrera, Reporter

“…I believe I’m going to spend the majority of my time with my boyfriend. We’ll probably spend the night together.” -Rosali Flores, senior

“… I will be reading all week.” –Gloria Chavez, junior

“…I’m probably going to stay at home and chill.” -Gabriela Ramos, sophomore

“…I’ll be visiting Ventura and staying with my mom.” -Lizet Martinez, junior 

“…I’m going to hang out with my girlfriend, play football, and game.” -Issac Vallin, freshman 

“…I might go to Disneyland with my family.” Anonymous

“…I’ll be going to Mexico for spring break.” -Lizbeth Pena, junior

“…I’m going to Vegas” –Izabella Martin, junior

“…I’m going to spend time with my family.” -Briana Corona, junior

“…I’m going to my cousins.” -Mariah Ruiz, junior

“…I’m going to the beach with my sister.” -Emily Franco, junior

“…I will be going to New York with my family for my birthday.” -Anonymous 

“…My family and I are going up to the mountains and staying in our cabin for the week.” -Leslie Zavala, junior

“…I will be at home resting for spring break.” -Priceila Flores, junior

“…I am going to the coast and going to spend time with my cousins.” -Micaela Mendez, junior

“…I will be spring cleaning for spring break.” -Jazmin Lopez, junior

“…I’m going to visit my Abuela and stay home cleaning while catching up on TV shows.” -Alexandra Ayon, junior