They Can’t be Stopped!

Girls’ Basketball Continues in the State Tournament

Zahra Rayani, Staff Reporter

On Tuesday, March 1st the girls’ basketball had a home game against Hamilton high school.  This was their first state tournament game against a team from LA. In the first quarter, the girls weren’t doing their best. At the beginning of the first quarter, Hamilton’s girls made a 3 to start off the game. Suddenly after that, the score was 0-5 with one minute left in the quarter. There were 3 seconds left on the clock and it was Hamilton’s ball, 3, 2, 1, she shot the ball and made a buzzer-beater for the first quarter. As the team was talking between the quarter, they realized that they needed to work harder to catch up. During the second quarter, the lady panthers caught up. The score was 17-15 as they were going back and forwards making shots one after the other. They then were ahead 31-18 before halftime. The lady panthers were doing fairly good with rebounds until the third and fourth quarter. The other team had a strong post who kept getting all the shots and rebounds. At the end of the game, the other team started using their tall post to catch up. It was then 47-40 and the girls took care of the ball and made a few more shots. At the very end, Nseij Ortiz kept the ball in place to let the rest of the clock run down. The final score was 52-41. Not only did they win EYL but they also won Valley. Now they won the semi-game for state and onto the next game tonight, March 3rd. Do you think they can sweep the next game? Here’s what a couple of the senior team members had to say:

Nseij Ortiz-

I think we have a great chance of winning tomorrow especially since we have a home-court advantage although we do need everyone to play to their highest ability. I am really excited to have made it this far because we only continue to make history. I am sad for this season to be coming close to an end because it’s my last year and I wish I had four full years with these girls because they really are my family.  I feel like my last year we did a great job as a team once again making history. Personally, I will miss every single person who has helped me to get where I am today!

Assyria Murrietta-

-I think we will win tomorrow because of our great defense. I am very excited because it’s my senior year and it feels good to have a big opportunity to win state as a senior. I am sad, even though we will continue to play ball in college, high school basketball was amazing. I feel okay… I enjoyed it and had four great years playing for the Porterville high school lady panthers team!