Vans Custom Culture Contest


Since 2009, every year, Vans holds a contest between schools across the United States called Vans Custom Culture. Vans created this contest to highlight young artists and reward them for their hard-work. Art classes in schools are oftentimes underfunded which forces students to use old, hand-me-down art supplies for years, thus, Vans created this contest. Not only does this contest highlight young artists but it “inspires and empowers” these aspiring artists. First place winners get $50,000 accompanied by a Vans Visit and the next four runner-ups receive $15,000, both for their school. This contest began January 10 and ends May 16. Our school is already¬†registered for this contest and, thus, received the white canvas shoes. Until April 4, submissions of the shoe designs are due.

Each school is required to submit a single image of the two pairs of shoes they designed. Each pair of shoes correspond to a specific prompt: Hometown Pride and Van D(IY)oren Legacy. Hometown Pride is supposed to tie in the town where your school is located and what it’s well-known for. Van D(IY)oren Legacy is to honor one of the brothers (Paul Van Doren) who helped create Vans and recently passed away.

Important Dates to remember when joining: Submissions open March 7, Deadline to submit designs is April 15, Top 50 Schools Announced and Public Voting begins April 25, Public Vote closes May 6, Top 5 Announced May 9 to 13, and First Place winner Announced May 16. You do not have to currently be in an art class to participate in this contest. If you are interested in joining this contest, meetings will be held in Mrs. Seitz class, U-10, every Tuesday. All are welcome!

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