I Feel… Overwhelmed

An Editorial

Ugh, so lately I’ve been extremely stressed, overwhelmed with school and being my family’s support. I’m currently in my junior year and it is not fun nor easy. Every day is just so long and it feels the same. It’s like the days are repeating just to mock me. I am the oldest of three so of course, all the pressure is on me. Like, can I please get a break! I feel so suffocated when my parents are around me I just need to breathe. Not only am I the oldest but I am the only one keeping my family together and stopping everyone from going crazy. Doing all this makes me feel unmotivated and my mom pressures me to be better every day. It’s always the same “you’re young, you shouldn’t be stressed. I had it worse.” Not only is my mom draining me but so are my friends. Lately, I’ve been feeling unwanted by them. I have the feeling of being empty and alone when I am with them but then again that could also be me overthinking haha. Basically, it feels as if both my school life and regular life are at war. I feel the need to be perfect and do everything right and have straight A’s to make everyone else happy and proud of me.