Time “Springs” Forward This Weekend


The time has come, once again, for Daylight Savings Time (DST). This Sunday, March 13, our clocks will “spring” forward and we’ll lose one hour of sleep. When Daylight Savings occurs in the Spring, it’s to conserve energy throughout Summer and to “save daylight.” Throughout the United States, a lot of states participate in Daylight Savings, however, Hawaii and parts of Arizona don’t participate in it. Other states, including California and Florida, want to permanently observe Daylight Savings; although, this requires Congress approval. During this “spring” forward, we are getting back onto DST instead of Standard Time. An easier way to remember when DST occurs is the second Sunday of March and the First Sunday of November.

The idea of Daylight Savings initially came from Benjamin Franklin. He said that putting your clocks an hour later will help conserve energy: you’ll have an extra hour. It wasn’t picked up until Germany began using it for their soldiers. It was used to conserve their fuel usage during World War I.