I feel… unsupported!

An Editorial

I feel frustrated with my teachers. Not that I can’t handle my classes, I just don’t feel like they care to have a connection with their students. When it comes to core classes, some students don’t always grasp things like others do. If a teacher cares about a student’s education, the teacher should reach out, giving more examples to those who need them, making sure homework grades and test grades are accurate, and if they aren’t, helping the student grow in their weaker area.

I can think of very few teachers who put more effort into their students than others, those are the environments we students never want to leave. When a classroom is fun but controlled, as in getting the work done that we need to, it feels almost easier to learn. Some teachers have the same routines and patterns every single day, which gets boring. Others give us front and back pages of homework every class period. Sometimes doing things other than notes and paperwork can help us grow as students.

Having 7 periods in a day is difficult on its own, teachers and the way they go about your time spent with them is another. I guess I feel frustrated because school is supposed to be a place where teachers see the future in their students and provide them with all the knowledge they can to get them there. Each teacher does their part, and this may be a little harsh, but don’t you think you could understand why having a connection with us and showing that you care could play a huge part in the way our futures will play out?