Heard in the Halls


“I’m trying to practice walking.”

“I texted Keith this morning.”

“I passed! I passed!”

“Over there by the cafeteria.”


“Stop. Stop making fun of him.”

“I’m not committed anyways.”

“I forget to bring water everyday.”

“They got uncrustables, you know how it be.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t say hi.”

“You didn’t do the assignment either?”

“Keep going, keep going.”

“Aye bro, I need you to clear my attendance.”

“They always leave her.”

“I think I’m okay.”

“You know what I’d do with it?”

“Delicious! Delicious!”

“Girl, where you at?”

“Oh no, it’s okay.”


“He went that way.”

“Alright bet! 20 bucks.”

“Gavin, wait for me.”

“Who wants my PB&J?”