I feel… off…

An Editorial

Karen Hidalgo, Staff Reporter

Agh, I’ve been waiting for the day to talk about myself, haha. We’ll start with school; It’s now my senior year, although it doesn’t feel like it at all. I feel like what’s supposed to be a junior. I wouldn’t know. It was robbed from me thanks to COVID. Disregarding that, my senior year hasn’t been the most exciting year I’ve had throughout high school. Every day is somewhat the same. I talk to the same five people, do my work, and go home. I will admit I am a primary factor in why I only speak to a few people. I’m not a huge people person, and I’m okay with that. Besides that, school has been pretty slow except when I was out sick with COVID and came back to a boatload of work. Since then, my grades have been at war with each other; I’m not bothered with it at this point. Until anything fascinating happens, I am just exhausted with the thought of school.

Besides that, my life outside of school has been pretty peaceful. Nothing like what it is inside school which I love so much. I get home from school, throw my backpack on the bed and search for a snack. The rest of the day, I watch tv and kickback. I enjoy being at home rather than another place, especially my room. Overall, I cannot tell you my exact feelings because I’m bipolar and never really know what to expect. I am content or relaxed most of the time, but I do get upset for short periods. I get over my feelings quickly because I’m not just going to sit around and pout about it. As of right now, I am content as long as I’m left alone at peace :p.