How do you feel about the possibility of the mask policy at school being lifted?


“I feel like we shouldn’t get rid of the mask policy. It keeps everyone safe.”

– Jazmin Lopez, junior

“I don’t like this possibility. It’s dangerous, especially because we have a lot of people here on campus, and it’s crowded throughout the halls and classrooms, so it put us at risk.”

Leslie Zavala, junior

“Honestly, I am glad that we might be able not to have to wear them. I feel like it will give us a bit more normalcy, and I won’t have to always be pulling my mask up when it falls.”

Micaela Mendez, junior 

“I honestly don’t mind them, so it wouldn’t really affect me.”

Lizet Martinez, junior

“I don’t know why they would do that; it is unsafe. I feel like it would spread COVID more.”

– Beatriz Herrera, junior 

“I don’t really care if they lift the mask policy. The masks don’t really bother me.”

Maraya Andrade, junior

I don’t think that would be a smart decision. I feel like getting rid of the mask policy would cause a spike in the number of COVID cases.

– Alexandra Ayon, junior

“As long as it is safe to do so, I wouldn’t mind. All I care about is my health and my close ones.”

– Gloria Chavez, junior

“I wouldn’t feel safe because there are people that don’t care about the pandemic, but I do since my parents and loved ones will be at risk.”

– Priceila Flores, junior