Mask Mandate Lifted


Karen Hidalgo, staff reporter

As of Tomorrow, February 16th, the states Department of Public Health has announced that they will be lifting the indoor mask mandate for those who are vaccinated. Those who are vaccinated will no longer have to worry about going out into any indoor setting without a mask. Getting used to this new change might take some time and make others feel uncomfortable, there will be some conflict going back and forth whether people agree or not. They’ve been going on with this new announcement since December of last year when they noticed that covid and omicron cases had been going down. After Januarys peak with a high rise of cases they began to slow down and have remained low. Although masks have been lifted there are still some certain places you must keep masks on such as Health Care settings, Public Transits, Schools and Homeless Shelters. There has been news about Administrative of gov. Gavin Newsome admin is working on an update about whether schools should also lift the mask mandate. Newsome has said that he’ll come up with a plan by next week, he got the idea after hearing the announcement from Governor of New Jersey who has already lifted the mask mandate for their schools. People who remain unvaccinated must keep their masks on in any indoor setting up until they decide to get the vaccine; that goes for schools, stores and any other public setting. The idea overall is to slow down and eventually stop all new cases from happening, things are slowly going back to how they were once before, are you ready for this change?