Girls’ Basketball Remains Undefeated and Wins EYL!


Jaaci Patterson, Staff Reporter

On Thursday, February 9th, the Lady Panthers played Delano in our home gym. It was a special night due to honoring our senior players: Gracie Magana, Mariah Castanon, Nseije Ortiz, Elisandra Ruiz, Bailee Cook, Assyria Murrietta, Krizlynn Balboa, and Davina Lopez. 

With all the positive energy entering the first quarter of the game, the girls completely dominated. Their offense was so fast that Delano really couldn’t keep up. Nseije Ortiz had several steals and fast breaks. She kept the ball on her side of the court about 80% of the time. Gracie Magana and Andrea Perez were hitting their 3 pointers, which really gained a lead for the team. The final score was 73-16 giving our girls the win.

The next day, Friday, February 10th the girls played our cross-town rivals, The Monache Mauraders. From the previous night & the previous game against the Mauraders, the girls were definitely ready to secure the win and remain undefeated in the league. The first half was once again very fast pace, the girls were running their plays and were winning off of their lay-ups. Although they were doing their job, the Mauraders finished the first half only 6 points behind our Panthers.

The next half they continued running the game, it was just tiring for the girls and it showed. They finished the third quarter 39-31 gaining a couple more points. In the last quarter, our ladies really remembered the purpose of this game and scored the most points from any quarter so far. They came out with a lot of drive and showed the Mauraders what they were there to do. They walked away with the win, the final score was 56-42.

With that being said, that meant that the girls won every game in the league, placing them first overall. Their next game, which is their first playoff game, is on Wednesday, February 2nd, in our home gym (Sharman Gym) against Paso Robles. Make sure to come out and support our girls to cheer them on through play-offs!