What does love mean to you?

Rosali Flores, Editor

Love is…

“…when you don’t talk the entire day or week with someone and when you finally do, the connection or the spark is still there and they are happy to see you.” -Jaylin Torres, senior

“…loving yourself even in your darkest moments. You’re not alone. <3” -Julie Espino, senior

“…an action.” -Beatriz Herrera, junior

“…giving your friend food.” -Daniela Castaneda, senior

“…the physical and emotional connection with another human being.” -Jesus Perez, senior

“…putting someone before yourself.” -Chasidy Echeveste, senior

“‘What is love? Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more,’ Haddaway.” –Jasmine Garay, senior

“…war.” -Matthew Rivera, senior

“…infatuation, caring to a certain extent, being only cared for by family members (not by choice), love isn’t as it seems.” -Cerina Portillo, senior

“…when you make sure others are good before you.” –Karen Hidalgo, senior