Girls Basketball vs. Tulare Western


The girls played Tulare Western at the Sharman Gym on Monday the 31st. JV did great, they were very aggressive this game. They handled the ball well, along with some great passes. Norissa Franco came back to the team after being out for two weeks. Even after being out for two weeks, she did great. Having her back helped the team put up some layups. JV won with a blowout, the score was 32-8. Varsity also did great, they got some good steals and made a lot of 3 pointers. They had some back door cuts and were always in lead. Their score was 63-21. The girls also had another game back to back on Tuesday, February 1st at Tulare Western. JV had a hard time in this game. Tulare Western came back with heat. They were determined to win. The girls were down by 7 points before halftime. The coach had a talk with the girls and they pulled it together. By the 4th quarter, they got caught up and were in lead by four points. One of Tulare Western girls shot a 3 which made the girls only up by one, at this point Porterville was in lead. With 40 seconds on the clock, they played it safe and slow. Porterville ended up winning by one point, the score was 38-37. Varsity won again with a score of 46-26. During the game, they adjusted to Tulare Western’s press to help them get the ball across the court better. Other than that, Porterville girls did great and remain undefeated.