Featured Artist – Nehemiah Solis


This week’s featured artist is junior, Nehemiah Solis. Nehemiah is taking Art 2 with Mrs. Seitz. He’s been working on realism and 3D, and Art 2 helped with his practice. He prefers to work with graphite on paper as well as inking his drawings; he likes to do line work. He’s used various styles, like cartoonish, and free-draws. This year, Nehemiah was quite intrigued by mono-printing, a technique taught in Art 2. His inspiration comes from his boredom or his uncle. Nehemiah started drawing at about 4 years old, and his uncle was the one to teach him how to draw. As most artists start, his uncle started teaching him stick figures. When he’s finished with his art, he’ll either put it away in a folder, or hang it up on his wall. His favorite piece that he’s created is a self portrait. After high school, he considers taking art with him into working as a Mechanic or Car Paint Jobs. Finally, Nehemiah encourages all artists, big or small, to “just keep going and don’t stop.”