COVID-19 Cases


You may have noticed a lack of students in your classes. But, what’s actually going on behind the scenes? Since the beginning of the year, students stopped coming to class due to COVID-19. Parents and staff make sure to keep students at home until given the okay to come back onto campus by your doctor or our school nurse. For the past couple weeks students haven been getting taken out of school due to being sick, just feeling under the weather in general, or being exposed to someone who’s tested positive. Our school takes the proper safety precautions, and encourages all of our students to continue to wear your mask when indoors. Tulare County case count is currently at 112k with 1,223 deaths. President Biden and Vice President Harris came up with a plan to “beat” COVID-19. They said that they’d be providing more free testing and double the number of testing sites. Biden also claims he will be providing supplies such as testing kits, face masks and other protective equipment that is needed. President Biden has also announced from now on we will handling COVID-19 with the health tools we have; which consist of keeping 6 feet of distance, face masks, hand washing and quarantining. Except for this time around we will not be shutting down schools or businesses. There is no having to worry about schools closing, continue to keep your distance and masks up so we can finally defeat this virus.