COVID or Basketball?


Zahra Rayani, Staff Reporter

Recently the girls’ basketball games have been getting postponed due to the opponents’ team having COVID cases.  They finally played their first league game on Tuesday, January 18th against Tulare Union. The Varsity did pretty well. In the first half, they did well with staying consistent and found some good cuts to the basket. Although they were doing good it was a close game at halftime. The score at halftime was 28-21. In the second half, the girls had some great steals and got some turnover to help raise the score.  The overall score was 52-46 for the win. This was the first game that wasn’t a blowout, then again a lot of players are out for COVID. The score was so close due to the lack of defense but overall they did great. For the JV team, they did great with only seven players. At first, they were only going to have 5 players but luckily 2 players came back for the rescue. The girls did great with passing and making outer shots. They also did great by penetrating the basket. They won 41-22.