Featured Artist – Jaylin Torres


This week’s featured artist is senior Jaylin Torres. Jaylin is currently in Art 2 with Mrs. Seitz and Ceramics with Ms. Hernandez. Ever since she was in about third grade, Jaylin fell in love with art. Her preferred medium is graphite on paper; however, she’s been working with clay, painting, and coloring in general. Jaylin comments, “I’ve improved the most in coloring my drawings because I didn’t know how to blend them.” Jaylin enjoys creating characters and landscapes, yet, she’s practicing her realism. This year,¬†she’s enjoyed experimenting with clay in Ceramics and loves painting her pieces when she’s finished. Once she finishes her artwork, she’ll put it into a notebook or binder for safekeeping. Before starting her art, she’ll look and notice the details in various things; that’s how she comes up with her ideas. In the end, Jaylin suggested that “people work on art when they’re stressed because it takes your mind off things, and allows you to be creative as well.”