Advice To My Freshman Self


“I would advise myself not to follow someone’s path and make your own path.”

Priceila Flores, junior 

“I would tell myself to just make the best moments in high school because the year can end in a blink of an eye.”

– Jimmy Alvarado, junior 

“I would say just because you care for someone doesn’t mean you have to stay. Put yourself first so that you won’t get hurt.”

Lizet Martinez, junior 

“Some advice I would give my freshman self would always be to be careful and do not trust everyone.”

Gabriela Ramos, sophomore 

“I would tell my freshman self to focus on school don’t let love distract you because school should always come first.”

Viviana Ceballos, junior

“Advice I would give my freshman self would be to get more involved in school activities and be prepared better for school.”

Micaela Mendez, junior

“If I could give my freshman self advice, I would say to enjoy your freshman year and not to worry as much since it’s your easiest year.”

Alondra Perez, junior