Thoughts on Winter Formal


Rosali Flores, Editor

On the last Saturday this month, January 29th, our school is hosting Winter Formal. It will be from 7 pm to 10 pm in the Quad. Tickets will be available at the Activities Window on Tuesday, January 18, for $25. There will be a DJ and Profession photo Packages taken by Generations Photography Studios. This year’s theme is “Beauty and the Boots” because our school is sponsored by Boot Barn. Here’s what our students have to say about Winter Formal:

“I think Winter Formal sounds cool, but with that theme, it sounds a little complicated because what’s the expected dress code. Also, I wish they would put more into it, instead of just music and photos.” –Karen Hidalgo, senior

“I think Winter Formal sounds cool, then I saw the theme. Then I realized it sounded kind of dumb, even though it makes sense.” –Beatriz Herrera, junior

“A formal dress and boots are ugly. The theme infuriates me.” –Jasmine Garay, senior

“The theme is a little strange. and if anything, it should have just been Beauty and the Beast, not boots it’s weird.” –Jesus Perez, senior

“For future reference, the theme is keeping students from attending.” –Cerina Portillo, senior

“The choice of decor is horrendous!! Why is it dedicated to Boot Barn? This is supposed to be memorable for us, and how is this supposed to be memorable?!” –Kimberly Esquivel, senior