Tired of the Dirt in the Middle of Campus?


You have definitely seen the area next to the quad that is generally a pit of sand; do you also hate having to walk through it, do you also think it is just a waste of space? After asking some students, we agree that we should do something with this empty area. Personally, I would love for the sand to be removed and be replaced with more benches and trees so that the quad wouldn’t be so packed during lunch and brunch. Khristina Alonzo, junior, had this to say, “I think it would be cool to have an area with more grass and trees, you know like somewhere to chill.” Kila McClour, junior, chimed in with, “The sand is so hard to walk through which is very irritating when you are in a hurry to get to class.” I’ve heard many others say the same thing about how hard it is to walk through that desert of sand and it’s at the point that many people avoid walking through it even if they are in a hurry. Many complaints have made me believe that a large number of students feel like this. What do you think the school should do with the space?