To Our Midterm Graduates


Rosali Flores, Editor

Congratulations Midterm Graduates!!


With two uninterrupted school years, freshmen and senior, you are graduating early. Yes, there was a bit of a hiccup during the last quarter of your sophomore year and junior year; but, you made it through. Now, you get to tackle the rest of adulthood without worrying about when your next assignment is due (unless you are starting college). We, are so proud of you! You made the right decisions to finally grow up! Now, here’s what others want to tell you:

“Congratulations, I wish I was one of you. I hope you guys enjoy it.” –Karen Hidalgo, senior

“Congratulations to all your hard work, it really paid off, and enjoy your time in adulthood.” –Jesus Perez, senior

“Good luck.” –Sarah Nuño, senior

“Congratulations, good luck!” –Mr. Herrera, Math Department

“Keep working hard.” –Mr. Nobles, Science Department

“Make use of the head start you have.” –Cerina Portillo, senior