What does Christmas mean to you?



“Christmas to me means I get free stuff.”-Brycen Warden, freshman


“Christmas to me means food and family.”-Issac Pina, freshman


“To me, Christmas means joy.”-Genesis Pastor, freshman


“Christmas to me is spending quality time with your family.”-Emily Rangel, senior 


“To me, Christmas is a day to enjoy quality time with your loved ones.”-Janet Nunez, senior 


“To me, Christmas means the time for happiness and togetherness with the people you love.”-Lupita Gomez, junior 


“Christmas to me means sleep and spending time with family.”-Christian Gallardo, senior


“Christmas to me is to enjoy a day with your family and loved ones and to give gifts.” -Geovanny Felix, senior


“Christmas to me is when I get to spend time with my family and give gifts to people I love and it’s also Jesus’ birthday.”  -Chasidy Echeveste, senior