Featured Artist- Zequoia Nosavanh


Jaaci Patterson, Staff Reporter

Freshmen, Zequoia Nosavanh is our most recent featured artist. Zequoia is in Art 1 with Mrs. Hernandez this year. She tells us, “Art is something I’ve been doing most of my life… it makes me feel more confident.”  She’s inspired by games and shows, but also by her family, her supporters, and her friends- she added that they’re what motivate her to pursue her art. Zequoia shares her pieces on social media platforms and reflects on them to create a new version. She prefers Digital Art Medium because she likes the access to the variety of tools it has. Her PROUD piece is based on a game called “Genshin Impact” and she reported that it took a lot of time to make. She also did a commission for a close friend and ended up selling the piece! Zequoia states, “Looking back I think I’ve really come to a place where I like my art, but I keep pushing myself to do better.” She’s is definitely motivated to crate and sell her art.