Girls basketball vs East Bakersfield


Zahra Rayani, Staff Reporter

On December 7th the Lady Panthers Basketball teams played against East Bakersfield. The JV team did great, from passing the ball, to communicating. The girls won 39-24. The girls started off playing aggressively and by the end of the first quarter, they were up nine. They started getting the feel of calming down and just shooting when by the second quarter the other team caught up. During halftime Coach Hill told the girls that they couldn’t just shoot, they needed to pass the ball and keep the game going smoothly. Once the girls stepped out on the court again, they went back to being aggressive and came back up. Aliya Gibson and Zahra Rayani shot some three-pointers, Rylee Jones and Kalea Mariboho had a few layups. And of course, Norissa Franco used her strength extra in this game and made a lot of layups.

As for Varsity they did well and won 67-29. In the first quarter, they scored 13 points and Bakersfield only scored 2 points. In the second quarter, the Panthers scored 18 and East Bakersfield scored 15. In the first quarter, the panthers did great with defense and offense with shooting but in the second quarter East Bakersfield caught up. In the third quarter, the Panthers had 15 and East Bakersfield had 10 points. In the last quarter, the Panthers finished strong with 21 points while East Bakersfield only scored 2 points.