7 Christmas Dinners From Around the World


America Lemus Zavala, Reporter

  1. At a Mexican Christmas dinner, you will definitely see tamales. Whether chicken or pork, Chile Verde, or Chile Rojo, these are classic for the Mexican culture. You can also see posole, bunuelos, and atole.
  2. The French tend to go the seafood route for their Christmas dinner, so they have oysters, lobster, and caviar.
  3. Christmas in Poland is a big deal as they tend to go all out with their dinner. They have a 12-course meal that includes Barszcz Czerwone z Uszkami (Red borscht with mushroom dumplings), Jarzynowa Sałatka (Vegetable Salad), Gołąbki (Rice Stuffed Cabbage Rolls), and Sernik (Polish Cheesecake), to name a few.
  4. A Christmas dinner in the Philippines may include lechón (a roasted pig), Bibingka (coconut rice cake), and a fruit salad.
  5. In Armenia, they will have a special dish called “ghapama” that is only eaten on special occasions. This dish is a roasted pumpkin stuffed with rice, raisins, nuts, and honey.
  6. You would see a meatball and potato casserole, smoked salmon, and rice pudding at a Sweden Christmas dinner. In Sweden, they tend to incorporate fish hence the smoked ham.
  7. People in Ukraine have a 12-course meal including the following: Borscht, a meatless beet soup, Vareniki (similar to dumplings), and a sweet pudding called “kutia.”