Teacher Feature of the week- Mrs. Patrick


This week we introduce to you Mrs. Patrick as our teacher feature of the week. Mrs. Patrick has been teaching for more than 20 years and is a part of The Health and Science Academy (PAHS). She is also the advisor for CSF (California Scholarship Foundation) on campus and teaches biology and biotech.

Originally from Tehachapi, Mrs. Patrick attended Tehachapi High School before going to Bakersfield College for her 1st year, then switching to Cal Poly for the rest of her college days. While going through high school and college, she worked partly as a veterinarian, which she originally wanted to be. Mrs. Patrick has worked at four schools, first starting with Los Banos High School, which she taught at for four years, then at Lindsey High School for three years, Rockford for 17 years, and then she began to work here on campus in 2015. Reading, spending time with family, and sewing are just a few things she likes to do outside of school. Mrs. Patrick can be found in room H-208 if you ever need to see her.