Basketball Fight Breaks Out Against Ridgeview


Rosali Flores, Editor

Last night against Bakersfield’s Ridgeview, our Boys won 63 to 45. The first winning home game created a very exciting experience for the Sharman Crazies. The Boys started off by playing aggressive; which put them in the lead and created the feel of a fast-paced game. Before halftime, Ridgeview got close in the match but that didn’t last long. In the third quarter, the boys were on defense for the most part and didn’t allow Ridgeview to get easy shots. Towards the end of the quarter, a fight broke out between a player from both teams. In the last quarter, our Boys were making easy shots making the score go up slowly. Right before the quarter ended, the crowd was chanting for senior center and forward, Jacob Espinosa to be played. Senior point guard, Matthew Rivera stated, “We can do better on offence by running our plays instead of one-on-one matchups.”